Surat Untuk Zizie~

Dear zizie,

I got ur messege asking me to teach u FM

Just so u know I’m glad to teach u but there are a lot of obstacles

I cannot teach you because of the time limit

In other word I have no time to teach u even in a Skype as well

And that was impractical.

I got a lot of assignment to finish and final just around the corner

I need to study more cuz I took a lot of core paper this semester

And if I fail those papers, I maybe extend

I hope u understand my circumstances and try to get others person to teach u ok.

Keep focus on class. Don’t think too much of anybody. Think about urself. Ur future.




3 responses to “Surat Untuk Zizie~

  1. dear farid: okay, i got the point. sorry if i make you feel uncomfortable before this. by the way, thats no need for explanation lah, zizie faham. sorry farid, peace yaww! 🙂

  2. no need to sorry me.. i’m the one should be say that. BTW the reason i make this post is to make sure that u are not misunderstanding to me.. i don’t want other friend left me anymore.. ok zizie~

  3. haha, farid. once we become friend, we will be friend forever okay. eh dah dah, apesal komen macam nak sedih je? happy lah sikit. haihhh.. papepun, zizie wish u all the best! jgn stress sgt. study tu study jugak tapi kesihatan kena jaga okay. take care 🙂

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