Soalnya hati..

U know I love to sing

And I always sing while I’m walking or when I’m alone

I love to sing ballad song mostly

I believed song is an expression of your feeling

That was me..always hear song in my MP4 player

My MP4 player was my life already

Everywhere I bring this thing

And I feel so regret if I forget to bring MP4

Ok.. Sometimes I sing in front of my friend

But not loudly.. I just want them to hear my feeling..

What I feel about..

Recently one of my friend ask me..

Why I always sing broken heart song?

Well I have no idea about that..

I just sing and that maybe because of the beautiful melody of the song

Or maybe that was I in broken heart? Who know? That a lots of reasons

And he suggest that I should sing WALI BAND SONG CARI JODOH

Hahaha.. why should I sing that song? That was obviously shows that u are looking for someone..

I’m not.. I’m leaving to Allah..

Ok what I trying to say is I love to sing because it was an expression of your feeling

If you feel happy just sing a happy song.. =) bye!

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