The World Is Too Small I Think..

That right..the world is too small to me..

Recently I found my old friend in FB

It been a while we lost contact each other

She a girl

She was a friend of my friend

They know each other quite long

Me and her meet at tuition centre ni KL

She approach me first

I remember that moment

She came to me after class to borrow a note

And I gave it to her..

That was our 1 meeting..

During that time I’m in form 2..

After PMR we lost contact..

She not tuition at KL anymore

Meanwhile I continue tuition until SPM..

After a long lost contact I meet her at FB..

Coincidently.. she approach me first as usual..

Asking me whether I’m leave at sri rampai?

I said yes I leave there.. then I look at her profile

Thank god she not hide anything so I look at her pic..

Yes..she is.. I know her..

Then she said she found me first but she afraid to ask

But..yeah..that me..farid..she recognized my face because

She said I’m looking familiar..

I’m so can’t believe it…

And yes we bound back our friendship after lost contact several year..

Thanks You Allah~ =)

2 responses to “The World Is Too Small I Think..

  1. hee.. kantoi duk kat sri rampai.. hohoho
    dunia memang kecik.. bila kau tak sedar yang hari-hari kau akan terserempak dengan orang yang sama.. eh..@_@

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