My Friends

Emm about cool to me to make a friends. But sometime i’m very choosy type for find a friend. For me friend are like the mirror of yourself. It meant that people can describe you depend by looking what kind of your friend is. If your friend are good behavior that meant you are good as your friend or vice versa..

Talking about my friend i’m so miss them…i miss my friend at old school and at matriculation..yet i’m still contact some of my friend which is continue their studies at other university. At UUM i’m still seaching for a friend that i can catch up with and sharing our idea together..i wish to get one and i keep seaching that person..

About my friend, i’m alway can get along with girls so it very easy to me to make a friend with girls and seduce them..haha just kidding. To be honest majorities of my friend at old school were a girls so it very nice to catch up with them..

Last word i can say is what ever the condition is, you must make a friend and make sure that your friend a the good person because friend are the greatest influent for every people and they can totally changes your behaviour to their behaviour. So watch out ok..bye

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